About Us

Vanity Hair Xtensions is a wholesale hair extension supplier offering luxury 100% human hair extensions to the UK hair industry. Vanity Hair Xtensions was formed in Sept 2019 and has grown from strength to strength over the years.

Take away the expensive packaging and marketing hype! we concentrate on delivering the best luxury product for hair professionals and extension technicians at an affordable price. Working with our overseas partners we have developed a range of colour mixes and melts not available through any other UK supplier. The hair is 100% cuticle correct hair with a min weight of 1 gram per strand so the hair is thick from root to tip and has a glorious luscious look and feel. The hair has been thoroughly and rigorously tested and meets with Vanity's high standards for quality and value for money.

We believe exemplary customer service and loyalty are critical in offering you, the hair professional, what you deserve as a Vanity Hair Xtensions customer.

We really hope you like it as much as us!

We are continuously developing the range of colours, styles and applications to cover all customer requirements. Our range has started small but we want to work with you, the hair specialists, to deliver what you require for your customers. One thing we will always assure is we will always source a LUXURY product at an AFFORDABLE price..

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